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Hi everyone,

Well the dust has settled on another MBCC and what a festival weekend that was, this has been by far our favourite trip to Copenhagen yet...some amazing beers sampled at some truly memorable bars and shared with a fantastic group of like minded beer fanatics.

Now I won't be posting multiple pics of bars I've previously reported on, more the new to us bars but I will give Warpigs a mention, this is a top 10 bar so rightfully deserves a revisit.

After checking into our hotel and dropping off our bags we decided to take the chance (as it was 11pm) and take the 5 minute stroll to Warpigs, despite the late hour it was packed (both inside and out) but our luck was in and we managed to bag a couple of seats.

A couple of fresh NEIPA's were rightfully ordered, these went down a treat with us both so two more were ordered. Trying to fight tiredness so room for one last beer - Sky Burial Barley Wine.

Walking home we noticed something new, something we hadn't seen before just around the corner from Warpigs...more on that later.

Woke to a rainy Friday (first day of the festival) and after a wonderful breakfast we decided to pay a visit to somewhere new (to us) a bottle shop less than 5 minutes away, a shop co owned by Mikkeller and run by the community...The Social Beer Shop.

Upon entering we received the warmest of welcomes and asked if we'd like a beer and a Danish pastry, the bloke behind the counter poured us both a glass of Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast and a slice of fresh Danish pastry...what a welcome.

After buying bottles and cans to bring home (including a very special vintage release from Fremont) we decided another new (again to us) venue was called for, so we strolled across town to Peders (a place we had heard people talking about)
Now this place is very easy to miss, it's a cellar bar with no sign and we walked past it three times.

It's a small cellar bar that has one long room that's slightly divided into three. It was clear that this is very much a specialist bar that served beers we saw nowhere else in Copenhagen, this is a place you don't just happen to stumble upon, you make the decision to venture here.

Despite being well hidden and away from the main square it was packed (and there was a reason for this) as unknown to us there was a tap takeover and bottle release from Swedish brewers Nรคrke.

Now even though I've never had a beer by this brewery I know that they make some very special and very sought after seemed like every 2 minutes someone was coming in to buy bottles to take away (limited to 2 pp)
So why I had the chance I had to order one from tap and chose a Nรคrke Katalysator (8.5% Rauchbock)

A couple more new bars visited that day, firstly a bar call Rbabarrab. A bar connected with general store Kihosk (located opposite) it had a modern open feel to it and had some amazing beers on tap.

From tap Evil Twin/Kihosk colab This Kihosk Needs A Bigger Beer Selection (Blueberry, Coconut and Grape sour) and Amundsen Barrel Aged Mocha Ice Cream Fudge Cake...stunning.

The final one of the day and this was easily our favourite, located just around the corner from Warpigs this was a pop up bar from Danish brewers ร…BEN. It's just there for the festival and during Summer and it had a very Summer beach feel to it, with deckchairs and party music playing.

Saturday and it's festival dayย  :zbiertap: but that's not until 4pm so we decide to spend the morning at the TorvehallerneKBH food market and as we step out of our hotel we're greeted by glorious sunshine, a short taxi ride later and we're there.

This is such a beautiful place, split between two buildings (one sweet with cakes and bread the other savoury with meat and fish stalls and food stalls) with a vegetable market in between.
Our first stop off was the savoury side, it's the natural choice PLUS this building is home to the Mikkeller and Friends bottle the bottle shop it wasย  :Dย  and after buying a few bottles and getting our passports stamped (more on them later) we ventured around the corner to our favourite Spanish Tapas bar for a few snacks.

After spending a good couple of hours we thought it was time to head back to our hotel so went outside to get a taxi home, to our surprise we sawย  a few pop up food stalls and a pop up beer festival on the park opposite so had to investigate.
Now if we weren't already full from the lovely food in the market and on our way to MBCC then we would have definitely spent another hour indulging, instead I picked up a few more bottles.

Beers unpacked and wristbands already picked up it was MBCC time, excitedly we made the 5 minute walk to the festival.
As in previous years this is held in the meat packing area inside a large open plan building, outside there was a pop up bar, American school bus turned into a Whiskey and Gin bar, multiple food trucks and stalls...all giving that festival feeling even before our green session started.

Festival time and first beer to be sampled just had to be De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva, now Kris and his wife Els had been at the festival the day before pouring their beers however on our day it was Tony Sรธrensen, a fellow De Dolle and Mikkeller fan.

Time for something fruity next (before the dark stuff) and a brand new beer from Greek brewery Seven Island with their Alien Jam #3 an 8% Fruited Sour with Banana, Mango, Dragon Fruit and Purple Yamย  ;D

Now then time for something special, from Moksa it's their Elijah's Creed - a 14% Imperial Stout aged in Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrels.
This was stunning, easily one of the best beers of the weekend. No adjuncts, just an Imperial Stout aged perfectly in Bourbon of the best in this style (within 2 hours it had run out).

A few DIPAS followed before choosing another barrel aged Imperial, it was on my way to my chosen stall that I happened to walk past the Mikkeller Baghaven stand (Mikkellers lambic brewery) just as they opened a Methusala sized bottle, an absolute stampede ensued as people held up glasses to be filled, mine was one of the lucky ones.

After that funky and tart beer I felt like something sweet and boy did this hit the spot, at over 24% it took a little longer to work throughย  :D

It was now around half six and the high demand beer were starting to run out, a good sign we're jugs filled with the last of beer, so a couple more were quickly chosen.

The final hour consisted of a dj set with Mikkel making an appearance to bring another amazing MBCC to a frenzied finale.

What an awesome festival filled with some truly amazing beers, this years surpassed the last and we cannot wait until 2023.

Onwards with our final days and Sunday greeted us with another glorious sunny day, so seeing as the sun was shining we decided to to take a leisurely stroll across town to BRUS (the home of To ร”l beer) for some special beers and food.

What a wonderful walk it was along the Kรธbenhavn area into Nรธrrebro


After that rather warm walk a couple of Session IPA's were rightfully ordered (Another Reality and Take A Look Around) both hitting the spot and as juicy fresh as they come, beers are brewed on site in a brewery located at the rear of the building (but in plain sight) brewed on the right and served on the left.

Time to order some food, BRUS's famous fermented fries and Korean fried chicken hit the spot perfectly.

Whilst waiting for our food to be cooked I had a stroll around the beer and merchandise shop to pick up some brand new beers released just that week, one I just had to sample onsite was that good I bought a couple to take away.

To ร˜l Atomic Tangerine - 8% Tangerine juicy and tangerine forward as it looks and less than a week old.

After that wonderful visit to BRUS we decided to stroll the short distance to a new bar - ร˜lbaren, a small one room bar with a good selection of Belgian beers on tap.

We arrived just as it opened and received a very warm welcome from the young girl serving. A St Bernardus Wit and Tripel Karmeliet from tap were instantly ordered and my did we enjoy them, before leaving I chose a beer from Swedish brewers O/O and their Double Narangi - 8% DIPA...delicious.

Time to move on and weave our way back home, just around the corner we stumble across Himmeriget (owned by Evil Twin) and our luck was in, they were just opening up...perfect.

This is a small one room bar that specialises in beers that are that bit more...special.

From tap an Overtone PBJ - 7% Peanut Butter Jelly Sour and Beak Gatto - 10% Imperial Stout with raspberries and cherries, both totally delicious

After that it was a love stroll back home to unpack and freshen up for the evening.

We chose to visit Warpigs for beers and BBQ before moving onto what was becoming one of favourite bars ร„BEN for some fantastic DIPA's and Fruit beersย  :appauding-1:

Time for one last beer before heading home, so a short walk along the main street brought us to Fermentoren. It's a dark and quirky bar located under a block of residential flats but boy does this place get packed, with tiredness creeping in we had just the one beer, Linda a fruited sour and myself an Alesmith Speedway Sout Double Fudge on what a finish, so dense and roasted and fudgey ๐Ÿ˜‹

Monday and today we fly back home BUT not until later, so we spent the morning exploring Tivoli Gardens...what a great place to spend a few hours walking around the beautiful gardens indulging in Smรธrrebrod and beautiful some beautiful cakes.

My Linda

Smรธrrebrod and a Jacobsen Special Old Ale

Beautiful cakes and coffee

Time to head back to our hotel but not before a slight detour to ร„BEN for one very last beer and would you believe what Linda picked me...from Manchester it's Track Breweing and their recent Gold Top release called I'm Home.

Taxi time and with a tear in our eyes we leave for the airport, after checking in and dropping off our bags we made our way to our gate BUT not without a slight detour to visit the Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen Airport.
Now me and Linda never drink in the airport (coffee is our liquid) but we had to pay this place a visit for just one small one...and to get our passports stamped.

Drinks complete with stamped passports, every time you visit a bar you get a stamp. You get free beers, food, merchandise the more stamps you obtain.
Set into the bar in front of every stool is a metal bar mat, each engraved with a beer...see which I sat atย  ;D

So there you have it, another utterly amazing and fantastic trip to Copenhagen. Which a special place this is becoming with us both, it really does hold a special place in both of our hearts ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐโค๏ธ and with that one last pic, the inevitable beer haul

Jayย  t_uย 

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