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Time for something very special that I never seen before!
Yesterday, we visited the ever wonderful Bruges' beer pub De HOPtimist.
It was a nice surprise to've noticed that they offer that new beer from Brouwerij Palm & De Hoorn, called Cornet Oaked Smoked.
That's a smokey twist to the Cornet Oaked.
Nothing that special about smokey beers, but the way it was presented was really special, innovative ... and truely amazing  :eyes:

Thomas poured the glass with the use of a smoke device  :o
Here you can clearly see how this was done.
Actually, it is a kind of vapor device that's been used.

To be precise, the smoke that's been used has no flavor at all.
It is just a very nice gimmick that makes the presentation that more attractive.
This also makes other people very curious and makes it sell massively too. Clever, no?

About the flavor now.
This beer is based on the Cornet Oaked.
But ofcourse with that smokey addition.
A smokeyness that reminds me of peated whyskey.
The oakiness is still present, and the smokeyness nicely completes things.
Nothing is overwhelming or overdone here. So, don't expect a Schlenkerla Smokebeer variant.
That balance is such a joy really...... subtle, and so delicate.
I really like this beer. It has a great body, a nice 8.5 vol%, delicious maltiness, and that PERFECT presentation.
That glass is such a beauty too t_u

I want MORE  :beer2:


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