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I was quite surprised to notice that ABInBev has decided to make two different Kwak beers.
That's Kwak Blonde at 7.4 vol%, and also a sweet kriek with the name Kwak rouge (8 vol%).
I must confess that the regular Kwak has never been one of my favorit Belgian beers, and that's also before ABInBev took over.
It sure is not a bad beer, but it sure doesn't give me that wow-effect either.
The image and presentation OTOH are quite a success story. That coach glass was such an amazing idea !!
But, ofcourse, the beer itself is still of the most importance to me though.

Kwak blonde!
A bit funny to see that Pauwel Kwak's face turned into a hop cone.
In case of the Kriek, it has become a dark red cherry. Quite a funny concept.
Definitely not that sure if Pauwel Kwak would have loved that twist though  :eyes:
Anyway, it's all about the beer, isn't it.
The beer pours crystal clear. No bottle refermentation.
Quite some fluffy head. Pouring into the coach glass needs to be done very carefully.
Nice, rich carbonation.
The aroma doesn't reveal that much. Maltiness yes, and a subtle hoppy touch.
Tasting gives a similar experience to the original amber colored Kwak.
This means, very soft on the tongue, and not that outspoken flavory.
This beer has been brewed into a masterly balanced beer. That's the "key" really.
It seems it has been produced to satisfy ALOT of beer consumers, without offering those extra flavor sensations, which actually could turn of buyers. Make it too hoppy and people who do not like hop bitterness, will not buy it. Quite a commercial decision ofcourse.

But still, after I tasted, I really could not find any off flavors.
It is - after all - a tasty beer, and trying another one is not such a tough decision.
A beer perfectly brewed for the grey-mass beer consumers (worldwide).

Time to savor their third Kwak variant.

I thought it to be a great idea to do a side-by-side tasting with that Martha Guilty Pleasure (8 vol%).
Both beers are indeed 8 vol% strong. Strong Belgian cherry beers are very popular these days here in Belgium (and abroad).
The Martha is to be said brewed with fresh sour cherry's.
It is surprisingly light and easily digestible for a fairly strong beer.

Nosing gives the Kwak rouge as overall winner, simply because the smell gave that delicious almondy sour cherry flavors, which wasn't really the case with the Martha. Something the Martha lacked a bit. Nosing the Kwak rouge was really a feast!!
The Kwak poured somewhat more dark red, but the foam OTOH was more red colored with the Martha.

Tasting is a totally different story.
That Kwak has a much more watery mouth feeling. Not as dense as the Martha, which really gives a very satisfying mouth feeling with alot of depth and body. To that extend, the Martha was superior.
Both are quite some sweet beers, but not really syrup monsters. They both played very well on that matter, i.e. balance with the fruity sourness.

Yes, actually I love them both. It's so good that they are different, otherwise the world of sweet Belgian cherry beers would become such a dull experience.

I think the summer that's been coming soon will be a success story for those two beers, and other Begian cherry beers ... ofcourse.


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