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...... with this beer called Monte Cristo (11.5vol%), brewed at brewery Bosteels (Buggenhout).
Brewery Bosteels being owned by AB-InBev these days.

But what a truely BIG surprise  :o :o :o :o
It's for sale at my local supermarket Delhaize at €3.29, which believe me is a really good price  t_u
This beer is already available for about 2 years, and it is their 5th. beer, after Karmeliet, Kwak, Deus Brut des Flandres, and Bost-Ale.

That presentation is such a beauty!
A beautiful savouring glass, and that unique shape of the bottle. Wow !!
The labels says: "Count of Monte Cristo".
For the details I suggest to visit
A very interesting theme if you ask me, and in the mean time also quite intriguing. Why did they go for that theme  ???
Anyway, it actually is the beer inside that bottle that counts ofcourse.
And that is an amazing beauty folks  :appauding-1:
This beer is exactly 11.5 vol% strong. That's alot  B_FLAG
But it has also matured for 11 weeks on sherry and oak. I presume they used barrels, but that's not being mentioned on the label.
Also interesting to mention is that the ingredients show 8% sherry and 6% wine. Like it is infused.
It pours very creamy with a nice creamy long lasting head.
When I poured somewhat more to fill the glass after some settlement of the foam, I noticed a weird phenomenon.
I filled the glass about 1-2 cm, and a co2 bubble rim appeared, perfectly fitting  the added volume. Actually you can clearly see how many beer I added.
Why those co2 bubbles appeared is a COMPLETELY mystery to me  ??? :chin:
Nosing was fantastic. Caramel, alcohol, wood, sherry (yes), and above all a truely satisfying vanilla flavor. Does that vanilla come from the wood, or has it been added. I dunno.
Drinks so smooth. A silky mouthfeelking and subtle gassy.
People, this beer is such a delight. You really can keep nosing, it won't get boring at any second. So much delicate flavors going on.
I also tasted something sublte spicy, but cannot say what it was. the ingredients do show the use of spices. Or would they actually point at vanilla beans ? Possible, yes.
This beer is quite sweet too. Great depths and a very nice lingering aftertaste. Nothing hoppy really. caramel, subtle roasty malts, vanilla, dried fruits,...... softness !

That's a masterpiece folks, and it's made at Bosteels, part of AB-InBev.

As Viv would wrote:  t_u t_u t_u t_u t_u
Maybe I'll put an Xtra  t_u

More details in Dutch language at


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