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Belgium has a new brew pub! And what a fantastic place this is.

Installed inside brewery Deca (Woesten).
Woesten is around the corner of Westvleteren and Struise. That makes a nice "beery" triangle  t_u
As you notice, the barrels have been moved behind this beautiful big showcase. Makes the visit that more enjoyable.
Notice the Bourbon barrels on top there. There are more of them barrel beauties on the right side (not on the picture).
Barrels from Deca, but also from Holy Beer House, a great "barrel age" project from David Rogiers.
All of the barrel-aged beers are readily available inside the beer shop that is attached to the brewery. I bought me one, and will savor later on (stay tuned..)

It is a nice place to visit. Greatly decorated, and a rich choice of home made beers are readily available.

4 Taps, with at that moment 2 taps running with their 12 vol% spirit infused Vleteren groen and blauw.
The first two beers were not available at that moment. Crossed out on the 'bier van 't vat' paper menu.
But so happy I was that their 12 vol% flagships were from tap that moment. Ordering was a must-do ofcourse :)

The beer menu shows many of their home brews. Alot are contract brews included.
That's about 30 different beers. Yes, you can call this place a beer pub  :beersign:
The purchase prices are correct (cheap) as we are at the source ofcourse.

In the back we see this beautiful light box, which shows brewery Deca in old times. The brewery exists from 1920.

Starting with a Vleteren groen and Vleteren blauw, both - as said - from tap.
It's very rare to have the opportunity to savour these beauties from tap. That's the fun of brewpubs. De Dolle Brouwers has a similar concept.
The groen has been whisky infused, and the blauw port infused, and barrel aged into these big oak barrels.
I can tell you that both beers are from an amazing quality. They are put very high on my all-times favorit beers list. TOP NOTCH !!

Quite intrigued with this beer.
Pauline - 10 vol%.
Brewed at Deca for beerfirm Brouwerij Vindevogel. (
In memory of the daughter of Heleen Glorie and Dieter Vindevogel from Elverdinge.
A sweet dense hoppy fruity beer with alot of body and aftertaste. Drinks so smooth. Wow, what a masterpiece  :appauding-1:

Time for a tasty tripel, matured for 6 weeks on apple wood!
This beer is 8.5 vol% strong and contract brewed for beer firm "Brouwerij de Kustbrouwerij" (
It's more dry than the Pauline, and has some tannins going on. Yes, from the apple wood ofcourse.
It really gives that apple flavours too. Apple wood indeed gives apple flavors  :eyes:
It's quite some delicate beer. The balance is remarkable. Hoppy, yes, but not too much. The woody dryness is not overwhelming too.
A delicate masterpiece of brewing. Highly recommended.

Later on, the bar became full crowed. Makes it all that more cosy and enjoyable.
Note that this place already opened a two years ago, but because of the "situation", it couldn't be opened for the public. Tough times, but things eventually become normal again.  t_u

The tasting room opens every Saturday from 1 pm to 6 pm.
Needless to say that we will come back  t_u


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