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As said, we have visited this new beer pub yesterday afternoon.

The tavern is located inside this community center, called "De Xaverianen".
The community center opened its door last year in autumn. It's a brand new building indeed.
Here above is an information pamphlet from the city of Bruges.
Sint-Michiels is a suburb of Bruges to be precise.
The concept is very similar to the one in Assebroek, i.e. Daverlo, Sport-, Lees- en Eetcafé, which is also housed inside a building where we have a sport complex, library, police, etc...

Tafel & Toog van Xaverius - Xaverianestraat 3 bus 1, 8200 Sint-Michiels.

Actually, this tavern is in walking distance to that other great beer bar called The HOPtimist. A great combination.

Their beer list carries more than 100 beers, which is great  :appauding-1:

The tap list is a true joy, and even includes that exclusive Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused at €4.00 for a 33cl. glass.

Two Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused  from tap. Two complimentary sacks with delicious crispy varied nuts to complete things. Nice gesture.

A view towards the impressive bar.

This is a very modern looking tavern. Big vertical long windows, and a very high ceiling. Alot of outside light, which makes it a very bright interior.
I wonder how it looks during evening time. But that'll be for another time.
Actually, heading on Sundays isn't the best choice, as they close their doors at around 5.30pm. Last call at 5pm.

The opening hours are a bit complicated, also because the operating hours of the restaurant, tavern and tea-room are quite a struggle.
They actually have three different menus! See: or

Anyway, I can only encourage to pay this place a visit when heading to Bruges, and escape the tourist crowds.
A combination with nearby HOPtimist is my ultimate recommendation.

Highly recommended by yours truely  :beer:


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