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Finally, "David's Been here" has visited Belgium!
David Hoffmann from Miami (US) is an amazing YouTube food vlogger, travelling throughout the entire world.
Food and beer are the main ingredients.
It's always such an utterly pleasure watching his movies. EPIC !!!

These days, David is travelling in Belgium. something I have always waited for.
The footages that's already been made are astounding  :o
Simply, because they capture the true essence of Belgian beer tourism.
And so greatly presented too, yes... a true pleasure to watch.

I presented them in date order, so you can watch from beginning to end.
I'm not sure if there will be more follow-up movies (I hope so  F_C ), as I'm not really sure if his Belgium visit has been ended or not.
We sure will find out soon ....

Enjoy the movies folks, they are worth every second...  :appauding-1:

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Cheers to David,
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